May Restaurant And Lounge

May Restaurant and Lounge

May Thai

When eating upstair in the dinging room feels like a private dinner at a friend's house in Thailand, we would also like you to try our cozy lounge downstairs where you will get more vibrant scene of gold and glittery bar deco that imitate a royal casual feel while you will be having a good time with friends over some of our exotic drinks.

Herbal infused cocktails, one of a kind drinks, and fresh tropical fruits make our drink unique and fun to drink.

To pair with hearty healthy food ingredients we have infused drinks from hibiscus flower infused vodka and champagne, infused whiskey with Elephantopus Scaber, (Plant name: Yaanaichhuvadi means “ This plant looks like stamp foot of and elephant.”

And Infused vodka with Chinese angelica, ginseng.

(Chinese angelica or Dong quai is used to return the body to proper order by nourishing the blood and harmonizing female vital energy.)